California Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Injured cyclists and loved ones of cyclists killed by another party’s negligence should know that there are often multiple avenues of collecting compensation. In many cases, insurers are unlikely to fairly compensate cyclists and even blame the cyclist. By placing partial or total blame on the cyclist as the at fault party, they are able to reduce or deny compensation. Personal injury claims exist to compensate the injured and wrongful death claims are often available to loved ones of cyclists killed in fatal accidents.

Choosing an attorney

California is home to many personal injury law firms. We see their advertisements on benches, on the sides of buses, on TV and hear them on the radio. A good, competent attorney can represent clients in any injury matter but there are also specialists who focus exclusively on victims of bicycle accidents. When selecting a personal injury attorney you may want to keep this in mind.

Please also note that this is not legal advice. The only person who can give you legal advice as a California resident is a licensed attorney practicing law in the State of California.

Bicycle accident attorneys

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