New CA Bill Encourages Developers To Add Bicycle Parking Spaces

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash

Californian cyclists could soon find more spaces to park their bikes at housing developments. According to a new bill, the state might encourage housing developers to add protected bike spaces by reducing their car parking requirements.

Listed as AB 3153, this proposed law would require local governments to cut a developer’s parking quotas by one space for every four bike-protected zones they install. This bill would also award property owners who add areas for ride-share vehicles.

Developers who own affordable housing near public transit could take advantage of this incentive up to 30 percent. Those who own houses far from transit or who own market-rate units would get up to 15 percent.

To be considered a legal bike space, developers need to provide some kind of locking technology. This could be in an enclosure, a locker, or on an anchored rack.

Assemblymembers in support of AB 3153 claim it will encourage more Californians to try alternative modes of transportation. Proponents also say AB 3153 could reduce traffic congestion and improve the state’s walkability standards. The California Bicycle Coalition has expressed support for AB 3153 for similar reasons.

Lawmakers also pointed out this bill could help reduce the prices on affordable housing in big cities. Without costly parking requirements, developers won’t need to spend extra on garages, which translates to lower costs for tenants.

California’s Senate is expected to review AB 3153 in the ensuing months. To find the full text of AB 3153, be sure to click on this link.

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