Inboard’s Glider E-Scooter Is Now Available For Pre-Sale

The e-transport manufacturer Inboard just released its new high-end e-scooter at a special pre-sale price. From now till December 31, 2018, Inboard’s “Glider” e-scooter will be available for the discounted rate of $999.

Initial reports suggest there’s a strong interest in Inboard’s first commercially available e-scooter. Almost 300 Gliders have already been purchased online, 80 percent of which are headed to the USA. Interestingly, over 30 percent of these American pre-sales were made in California.

All Glider e-scooters have a swappable battery and software that’s compatible with a mobile phone app. On Inboard’s app, riders can find out useful info such as local traffic news, when their e-scooter needs a repair, and even when potholes or cracks in the road are coming up.

Inboard leaders highlighted the many safety features on this product, especially the Glider’s advanced lighting system. Executives at Inboard also argued their e-scooter offers a safer ride compared with competing models thanks to its wide deck and shock-absorbent tires.

While most of the news in the e-scooter space has focused on ride-share companies like Lime and Bird, Inboard believes there’s an equally strong demand for e-scooter ownership. Inboard is also betting on the nascent e-skateboard market with its M1 model.

Recent news indicates many people in the financial industry share Inroad’s optimism for consumers’ desire to own e-scooters. Groups such as Upfront Ventures, Sunstone Capital, and LION Smart have given Inroad over $11 million in venture capital.

Anyone interested in learning more about Inboard’s products should visit the company’s official website at Keep in mind that after December 31st, the Glider will retail for almost $1,300 per e-scooter.

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