15-Year-Old Cyclist Struck by Car in Hawthorne CA

Friday morning, October 2, 2020, a teenager riding his bike was struck by a car. The teen’s mother witnessed the accident and wants the driver brought to justice.

Around 7:30 a.m. Friday morning, 15-year-old Jose Garcia was seeing his mother off to a job interview when a car hit the boy at Doty and Rosecrans Avenues. The driver fled the scene after the accident.

According to NBC Los Angeles and Florencia Lopez, Garcia’s mother, Garcia is currently at Harbor UCLA Medical Center suffering from “serious head injuries, a broken leg, arm, and fractured feet.” He was unconscious until Sunday.

Police believe Garcia may not have survived the incident if his bicycle hadn’t taken the blunt of the impact. The car is believed to have been going at least 40 miles per hour after running a red light.

Police have stated the car is believed to be a white Toyota Corolla or Camry and has “extensive damage to the front and windshield.” Investigators are still working to find security footage that may have an image of the license plate.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created to help Garcia and his single mother.

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