New Bike Lanes and Other Improvements Coming to Redlands

On Thursday, October 6, 2020, the Redlands City Council approved three agreements with Otto Environmental Systems North America, San Bernardino County, and Southern California Edison.

In addition to new trash bins and light bulbs, the city of Redlands will receive new bike lanes. The agreement outlines the funding requirements, roles, and responsibilities of the East Valley Corridor Bike Route Interconnect Project.

According to Redlands Community News, the agreement will bring new bike lanes to the area as well as improve existing lanes and safety measures, provide improved biking circulation, and “close a number of gaps in the existing cycling infrastructure.”

The total grant accepted is $2.3 million. A local match requirement of $265,000 brings the grand total to $2.6 million. The county will pay $44,000 and the city will pay $221,000.

Municipal Utilities and Engineering Director Ross Wittman stated, “The majority of improvements are larger-scale projects within the city. The county’s improvements are mostly painting the ground. We are building separate bike lanes separated from the road. A visible barrier will separate traffic from cyclists, so they are more protected.”

The other sections of the agreement involved replacing “all Edison-owned eligible street lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs” and replacing an unspecified number of trash bins throughout the city.

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