FedEx Driver Kills Bicyclist in Downtown LA Hit-and-Run

A bicyclist was left dead after he was hit by a FedEx box truck in downtown Los Angeles about 8:30 AM on Thursday, March 15, 2018. Witnesses to the accident say that they are unsure if the driver knew that he hit the bicyclist who was riding eastbound on Washington Boulevard. The driver was headed northbound on Staunton Avenue, and the accident occurred very near the middle of the intersection.

Los Angeles Police Department Captain Alfonso Lopez says that they have been in contact with FedEx and hope to receive cooperation from the company. The officer believes based on the physical evidence and his personal experience that the driver had to know that he hit something or someone. The police believe that both the bicycle and bicyclist was thrown under the truck, and they may have been drug down the road. Despite these facts, surveillance tapes of the accident show that he just kept on going.

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