Tax-free Bikeshare Program Comes to Monrovia California

Monrovia, California, has quickly been growing with more people moving into the area than ever before. This has left the city officials scrambling for new ideas to keep people off the highways eliminating traffic congestion and relieving stress on the city’s eight shuttle buses that serve mainly handicapped individuals. The answer, according to Monrovia officials, is to implement a Lyft system and a LimeBike system in the city. Riders can choose either option for just $0.50.

The city of Monrovia already has a publicly operated bike-share program that the council approved on July 5, 2016. The city spent over $99,000 to implement the system, but it has proven to be a un-welcomed addition by many who would bike. The problem with the current system is that bikers must return the bikes to a bike rack that may be several blocks from their intended location. Therefore, many people choose to skip riding and either walk or hail a ride.

The new LimeBike program will allow riders to leave their bikes where they get off of them making them much more convenient. The program that launched on March 16, 2018, is relatively simple to use. Riders download an app to their phone. Then, they find a LimeBike and scan the code attached to the bike. The system unlocks the bike, and the rider rides straight to their destination. Riders can leave bikes anywhere that is out of pedestrians paths and not on the roadway. In all, over 200 bikes have already been delivered to Monrovia and more will be brought to the community if needed. Unlike the previous program, taxpayers do not pay anything for this service.

Not all businesses and homeowners, however, are supportive of the program. In some communities, bikes are seen littering sidewalks and left in people’s front yards. Therefore, LimeBike will have a team of eight people to pick up bikes that have been left carelessly somewhere. The city has implemented a $250 fine for any bike reported and not picked up within 24 hours.

Those wanting to get around Monrovia can also call Lyft for a $0.50 ride or use the Lyft app to order a ride.

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