L39ION of Los Angeles Cycling Team Brings Home Wins

Tulsa Tough was a success for L39ION of Los Angeles, as the team came home with several wins after the races on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

CyclingNews outlined the event, noting wins by Cory Williams and Skylar Schneider in the men’s and women’s general classifications, respectively. Tyler Williams, Alec Cowan, and Ama Nsek also had successful races throughout the event.

Throughout the event, L39ION paid their respects to the victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre on the 100th anniversary of the event, wearing a special patch in their honor. Tulsa’s Greenwood Ave. was a major part of the tribute; the organization promotes and celebrates Black entrepreneurship.

Cory Williams also spoke about the matter, saying, “When we think about Tulsa, we think about what could have been. A community full of opportunities for minorities that was uprooted by hate and ignorance. We are proud to elevate and support Greenwood Ave. in its quest to help Black Wall Street thrive again and the ideology of Black ownership.”

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