Lime Ends Its San Diego Rentable E-Scooter Program

Lime—one of the biggest names in shareable e-scooters—will no longer send its devices into San Diego. At the start of 2020, the San Francisco-based company announced it will pull its fleet of 4,500 e-scooters from the SoCal city’s streets.

When asked why they decided to leave San Diego, Lime execs cited the increasing number of e-scooter and e-bike bans. Other e-scooter companies like Skip left San Diego for similar reasons.

Recently, San Diego city leaders voted to ban e-scooters from many popular boardwalks between Mission Beach and La Jolla Shores. Lime argues these new bans have had a negative impact on its bottom line.

On top of these boardwalk restrictions, Lime cited concern over San Diego’s enforcement practices. City officials reserve the right to confiscate micro-mobility vehicles that are parked in hazardous places such as on streets or sidewalks.

E-scooter companies faced huge fines after San Diego seized thousands of devices during 2019’s Comic-Con. It’s estimated Lime had to spend $40,000 to get its e-scooters back.

San Diego isn’t the only city Lime has decided to “scoot” out of in the New Year. Company execs also announced they will immediately halt operations in Atlanta, San Antonio, and Phoenix.

There is, however, a glimmer of hope Lime could make a comeback in San Diego. In their letter to the press, Lime employees said they were appreciative San Diego embraced their company back in 2018 and would like to re-enter the city “when the time is right.”

For more information on San Diego’s e-scooter policies, please visit this website put together by the local government.

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