San Francisco Bay Trail Connects New Richmond Ferry Terminal to Downtown San Francisco

Richmond, California, city manager Bill Lindsay announced on May 11, 2018, that the city was the recipient of a grant from the California Department of Transportation to build a bike trail link extending the San Francisco Bay Trail from the newly constructed Richmond Ferry Terminal to Richmond San Rafael-Bridge,

Lindsay says that this development is very exciting for those who love to bike in the region as it will allow riders to ride the ferry from downtown San Francisco to the Richmond Ferry Terminal. Then, they could ride their bikes through the city until they arrived at Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Richmond city officials have already approved a bike lane to be constructed allowing them to ride westbound until they reach the Marin Ferry Terminal. Then, they could ride the ferry back to downtown San Francisco. This will extend the 15-mile trail already located within Richmond.

The San Francisco Bay Trail already exists in nine Bay Area Counties. The longest stretch is currently 26 miles long running through East Palo Alto and Santa Clara Counties. Another 25 miles of the Bay Trail runs through San Mateo County. Organizers including the Bike East Bay and the Trails for Richmond Action Committee hope that the trail will eventually extend for over 500 miles passing through 47 different cities.

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