Zagster’s Pace Bike Sharing Now Offers “Smarter Dockless” in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has joined the list of cities serviced by the Zagster Pace Bike-Share Program. The company currently offers riders bikes in Tallahassee, Florida; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Knoxville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama along with some college campuses.

Pace bikes use two locking systems. One system allows the rider to unlock the dockless bikes. The company, however, says that many riders love the fact that they can ride to the store, their favorite coffee shop or visit a friend because they can lock the bike up while they are inside helping to ensure that it is still there when they come outside.

The ability to lock the bike to a stationary object also allows riders not to clutter the sidewalks with them. In some areas, this is a major problem for people with mobility issues.

Zagster officials say that they hope to soon introduce bikes for disabled riders. While neither program is operated by Zagster, the company has been studying the bike-share programs in Portland, Oregon. This program allows riders to rent trikes and hand-pedaled bikes at some locations.

They are also looking at the possibility of ensuring that their bikes are accessible to everyone. The company currently has 400 bikes with most of them located near commercial buildings and near large apartment complexes. In addition to Zagster, the company is currently serviced by five different companies, but one of the primary concerns is that most locations are not in low-income areas.

More info is available on the LA Streets Blog.

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