Man Dies in Tragic California E-Bike Crash – January 2018

Real estate lawyer and fourth-generation Californian Keith Howard fell off his electric-bike on January 15, 2018. The accident occurred after Keith Howard hit a speed bump about 3 PM on Highland Road near Lonesome Road in Danville, California. He was transported by ambulance to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, where he was tragically pronounced dead about an hour later.

Keith is survived by his wife Lorraine and two grown children along with several grandchildren.

Are E-Bikes Safe?

Electric bikes are becoming a popular eco-friendly option for getting around in cities, but they pose their own set of problems. The most common problem is applying too much pressure from a dead stop as the bike pops a wheelie throwing the rider off. Many e-bikes are not equipped with emergency off switches. Therefore, the throttle can become stuck wide open causing very serious accidents.

Since e-bikes make no sound, many riders make the mistake of twisting the throttle when they do not realize that the bike is on. Spontaneous lithium battery fires have also happened. Electric-cycles operate silently, so many pedestrians have walked out in front of them without knowing they are there.

One of the most dangerous e-bike accidents, however, is when the front fork breaks while the bike is in motion. This often results in throwing the rider over the front of the bike, and it may be what happened in Keith Howard’s death when he hit the speed bump. Freewheel bearings locking up can cause the pedals to turn very quickly.

While many people operate their electric-bikes for years without any problem, there are those like Keith Howard who experience problems with them. Unfortunately, these problems can result in death or serious injury.

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